Brien is a proud member of the NORML Legal Committee.  See his NORML page here.

Brien supports the privacy rights of his fellow citizens.  Fighting government intrusions into the affairs and property of regular people is the essence of Drug Crimes defense.

Ohio’s drug policy and laws are punitive.  They are complex.  And they are often applied incorrectly by the police and prosecutors.

Drug convictions can be devastating.  Simple possession convictions can disqualify a person from getting student loans.  Serious possession, cultivation and trafficking felony convictions mean prison time and the loss of civil liberties.

There are many ways to solve a drug charge.  Some courts allow rehabilitation programs that may prevent a conviction.  Your case may be a perfect opportunity to challenge the behavior of the police for violating your rights.  Or a global approach may be appropriate.  Brien will craft a plan for your defense that you can feel good about.

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