Brien has represented hundreds of clients charged with OVI throughout Southwest Ohio.  Reviews from many of those clients can be seen here.

Your defense starts with a discussion about the charges that you face, their potential penalties, and the process that your case will follow.  You will be provided with this information to take with you when you leave.  This prevents surprises and allows you to understand exactly what is happening during each step of your case.

As soon as he is hired, Brien will file the documents necessary to protect your rights, to appeal your suspension (if applicable), to get you driving privileges, and to preserve any evidence (especially videos)  that the State intends to use against you.

Brien works hard to minimize the number of times that you appear in court.  In some courts, this means you may not actually need to appear at your arraignment.  

Decisions always belong to the client.  This means Brien will consult with you at each step throughout your case, so that you can make informed decisions based on his professional advice.

If the facts of your case or your personal situation favor challenging the law or process as applied to you, or evidence sought to be used against you, Brien is experienced in arguing Motions, including those to suppress evidence.

Very few OVI cases go to trial, but when his clients decide to make the State prove their case, Brien has trial experience for both misdemeanor and felony OVI charges.

Call Brien cell phone today: 513-284-7638 to discuss your case or to schedule a free consultation.